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In this Unity 2020/2019 tutorial I show you the best assets you need to start any project in Unity. The Top 10 FREE assets that you cannot possibly live without and will help you speed up your workflow, save time, effort and money in the long term! I personally use these in all of my projects!

My Curated List:

1). PlayerPrefs and Editor Utilities:
2). NaughtyAttributes:
3). First Person All-in-one:
4). Scene Manager Utility:
5). TakeNote:
6). Graphy Ultimate FPS Counter & Debugger:
7). Empty at Zero:
8). ProBuilder:
9). ProGrids:
10). Post Processing V2.2: Can be found in the Package Manager (2019 and above) or the Unity Github (2018 or lower)

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🠺 Gas Mask System:
🠺 Flashlight System:
🠺 Note System:
🠺 Themed Key System:
🠺 Padlock System:
🠺 Key Model Pack:
🠺 Free Assets:


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