Live Chat Game Test, Sekiro Posture System and a Game Design Document! (Unity Tutorials March 2019)

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Build the Vitality and Posture System from Sekiro, decide to make a Game Design Document and check out my process for adding a new feature to my game Battle Royale Tycoon!
In this video we’re going to review the videos published in March 2019.

Video Links:
How I added VIPs to Battle Royale Tycoon

Sekiro’s Vitality Posture System built in Unity

Live Chat Game Test – Join the Game and Gather Gold!

Quick Tip: Console Log Line Amount

Quick Tip: Use Enums for State handling

Quick Tip: Multiple Ways to Create Game Objects

Battle Royale Damage Circle Shrink

How to modify the Game Object Transform Pivot

Modular Spritesheets used in Battle Royale Tycoon [SUMMARY]

Simple Sound Manager

Should you make a Game Design Document?

See you next time!

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