Unity FPS Survival Game Tutorial

Video Timestamps:

Intro And Game Preview: 0:00
Importing Level And Configuring Lights In The Game: 4:21
Creating FPS Player: 10:19
Coding Player’s Movement And Jump: 35:35
FPS Mouse Look And Mouse Controls: 1:02:07
Player’s Sprint And Crouch: 1:33:14
Player’s Footsteps Sound: 1:49:01
Animating Player’s FPS Hands And Weapons: 2:18:47
Weapon Handler (script for controlling the attributes of weapons): 2:41:27
Weapon Manager (script for controlling the switching between weapons in our game): 2:57:05
Player Attack (script for controlling the shooting with the selected weapon): 3:10:36
Creating The Zoom Effect With Animations And Scripting: 3:36:52
Creating Arrow And Spear Bullet Prefabs: 4:07:02
Configuring And Animating Our Cannibal Enemy: 4:36:27
Creating Enemy Animation Script: 4:50:40
Enemy Controller (the script that will control the enemy’s AI and make him move and attack the player): 4:57:30
Configuring And Creating The Boar Enemy: 5:40:04
Detecting And Dealing Damage: 5:51:10
Creating Health Script: 6:14:52
Creating Player And Enemies Sound Effects And Shoot Effects Sounds: 6:49:02
Creating Player Stats UI: 7:21:13
Displaying Health And Stamina Using Player Stats UI: 7:32:38
Creating Enemy Manager(the script that will spawn the enemies) and adding Finishing Touches To Our Game: 7:46:45

FREE Download The Assets And The Complete Project For This Tutorial:


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